Men, Women & Children! 
Be there when the Torah is given for the 3,328'th time.
You don’t have to travel to the desert—it’s happening right here!
Come hear the Torah reading of the Ten Commandments.

Wednesday, May 31st - 5.30pm5.30 PM
Followed by a
At the home of Rabbi Zalman and Perla Zaltzman
12 Wood Dale Dr, S. Catharines


Candle Lighting at 8.30 pm

I is customary to learn all night
If you would like to join Rabbi Zaltzman for a learning session
email topic of interest!


Commandments &  Ice Cream Party at 5.30pm

Light Candles after* 9.41pm

*Light only from
pre-existing flame.


Holiday ends 9.42pm

Operating a motor vehicle on Shabbat & Biblical Holidays is not permitted in Torah Law, we are therefore delighted to offer a special in-home Shavuot Celebration package for those who cannot join us. Please email us before Sunday, May 28 to receive a Cheesecake and Ten Commandments bundle complimentary of Chabad Niagara. 

For more info:

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