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 Our goal is to empower Jewish girls to grow up to become confident, smart and thoughtful women

who understand there's more to a Bat Mitzvah than a party!

Wether or not you're planning a ceremony or a party,

BMC is open to Jewish girls 10-13 of all backgrounds!   


About Moussia a"h  

Moussia is our dear and beloved daughter. She was born on Adar 4th, Feb 27th 2009.

Us, her parents, and her two big brothers, Mendel (4) and Daniel (2) were over the top, in love with our little girl. 

She developed into a great personality, she was fun, funny and kind. When she was 3.5 years old, her little sister Pessia was born and she loved her, took her of her and played with her a lot. She loved school, and adored her friends.

On June 14th 2015, she was so happy to play with her friends and had some of them over at her pool. On that day we didn't know that Hashem (G‑d) had a plan for her that would change everything. 
She had a big accident while she was swimming on that day. She went to the hospital and all her friends, family and community prayed for her. Hashem's plan was different though from what we all wanted. She passed away after being for two weeks in the hospital.

We miss her a lot.

We are committed to honouring her and show her our love even if she is not here with us.

We believe that she is watching us and sees everything we do here.

This year, on Feb 15th (eve of Adar 4th), would be 12 years since we were blessed with her, and it would be the day she would celebrate her Bat Mitzvah.

We want to make that day special for her and her friends and dedicating the Bat mitzvah Club to her.

We believe that this is the greatest gift and honour we can give her, by helping her friends and girls her age learn and celebrate their Bat Mitzvah with meaning and joy!! 

Thank you for honouring you and help us honour Moussia! 


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BMC CLUB Meetings Schedule

Meeting 1 - Who am I?
Sunday Nov 22, 10.30 am

What gives you that glow? What fires you up? What’s the big answer to the big question: Who am I?

You might think you know who you are, but we have a feeling that we’ll be able to help you unlock a few secrets about yourself – including your super special powers!

Craft: Decorate your own mirror! 


Meeting 2 - Becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Sunday, Nov 29, 10.30 am 

What it a Bat Mitzvah??

Is it a party? A milestone? Who you're becoming?

Craft: Virtual paint party!


Meeting 3 -  The Woman I want to be
Sunday, Dec 6th, 10.30am

Part 1: Empowered to make the world a better place! Learn about the 3 special Mitzvot of the Jewish Woman. 

Craft: Decorate your own candlestick!


Meeting 4 - Virtual Challah Bake 
Thursday, Jan 14th, 7.30 pm 

Need we say more?? you'll get a challah bake package with all you need to make your own challah!

Moms invited too!


Meeting 5 - Trials and Tribulations along the way
Thursday, Jan 17th, 7.30 pm 

Acne? BFFs? Changing schools? Dilemmas? Ever hear the phrase “attitude is everything”?

Your attitude has the power to change a bad day into a good day, an enemy into a friend, and a disagreement with your mom into the key to getting your way!

Let’s have some girl talk, fun and games as we get real about the issues you face!  

Special: Talent Show! 


Meeting 6: The woman I want to be
Sunday, January 24th, 10.30am

 Part 2:  Curious about what Judaism has to say about boys, crushes, dating and marriage??

Every Jewish girl deserves to know about our rich jewish traditions. At this meeting you'll get answers to most of your questions! And you'll enjoy a special virtual Mikvah tour!


Meeting 7: Speech writing & Gala Prep
Sunday, January 31st, 10.30am

Coaching session for your Bat Mitzvah speech for the Gala Celebration! 

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Feb 15 2021 - on Moussia's Bat Mitzvah Day
Details to follow whether in person (socially distanced, families only) or virtually. 

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When you join BMC, we welcome you with a fantastic kit that gets her all geared up for the BMC experience.
You'll receive a customized vinyl bag packed with BMC basics, including a hardcover journal!
We will send you a list of supplies if needed before a meeting or we will mail you what you need!