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BMC brings girls together to talk about life and what's involved in becoming a Jewish woman - and we have a lot of fun while we're at it! 

Our goal is to empower Jewish girls to grow up to become confident, smart and thoughtful women who understand there's more to a Bat Mitzvah than a party! Wether or not you're planning a ceremony or a party, BMC is open to Jewish girls of Grade 6-8 of all backgrounds!

Some things to know about BMC: 

  • BMC meets twice a month. The first meeting is Motzei Shabbat, Saturday Jan 27th at 8pm at the home of Perla Zaltzman , 12 Wood Dale Dr. S. Catharines.
  • BMC has a few special events in addition to the meetings. For example we'll be having a Shabbat sleepover on Feb 23, and special Bat Mitzvah Trip to NYC April 19-22. 
  • BMC membership is $180. It includes all supplies and learning materials and Shabbaton. NYC trip will have an additional nominal fee for the participants.
  • BMC will take place co-jointly with Chabad Niagara and Adas Israel Hamilton, giving the girls opportunities to meet even more Jewish girls! Meetings will take place alternatively in both locations.
  • BMC leaders are Chaya Lavin and Perla Zaltzman. Please feel free to reach out to us: or

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BMC CLUB Meetings



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Meeting 1 - Who am I?

Crepes & Smoothies

Saturday Jan 27, 8pm @ Perla's

What gives you that glow? What fires you up? What’s the big answer to the big question:

Who am I?

You might think you know who you are, but we have a feeling that we’ll be able to help you unlock a few secrets about yourself – including your super special powers! It’s an evening you’ll take with you forever!


Meeting 2 - Becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Pizza & Ice Cream

Saturday Feb 3, 8pm @ Adas

Ready or not, your Bat Mitzvah is coming and we want to help you make it the most  ultimate day of your life (so far)!

So, what will make your Bat Mitzvah stand out?                         

A DJ? A cool, new dress? An amazingly creative theme?

We’ve got the answer…but you’ve got to come to the meeting to find out!



Meeting 3 - Trials and Tribulations along the way

Sushi time!

Sunday March 11, 2pm @ Hamilton


Acne? BFFs? Changing schools? Dilemmas?…Embarrassments? Ever hear the phrase “attitude is everything”?

Your attitude has the power to change a bad day into a good day, an enemy into a friend, and a disagreement with your mom into the key to getting your way!

Wanna learn how? Let’s have some girl talk, food, fun and games as we get real about the issues you face!

Meeting 4: The Woman I want to be

BBQ & S'mores!

Sunday March 18, 2 pm @ Perla's

Part 1: Empowered to make the world a better place! Learn about the 3 special Mitzvot of the Jewish Woman. Decorate your very own Shabbat candlestick



Meeting 5: The woman I want to be

Tea and Desserts!
Sunday April 15th @ Hamilton

Part 2:  Curious about what Judaism has to say about boys, crushes, dating and marriage??

Every Jewish girl deserves to know about our rich jewish traditions. At this meeting you'll get answers to most of your questions! And you'll enjoy a special Mikvah tour!


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Feb 23-24


Apr 19-22

Apr 29

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When a girl joins BMC, we welcome her with a fantastic kit that gets her all geared up for the BMC experience. She’ll receive a customized vinyl bag packed with BMC basics, including a hardcover journal!