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Tuesday Feb 18th, 7 pm

at the Jewish Discovery Centre  216-2 Glenridge Ave

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Some of the feedback:  

"To learn a bit of the mysteries of the Kabbalah, that have traditionally not been taught to women, was really insightful!! As well, to be able to share with other women was a very meaningful experience." (Trinda R.) 

"Your depth of devotion and knowledge are only exceeded by your warm hospitality" (Karen C.)

"I loved the Kabbalah lesson and was pleasantly surprised by many things I've learned! It was a great social and educational event with very open minded people, healthy nutrition snacks and meaningful discussion about day to day things, bringing to them depth and a new perspective! The welcoming atmosphere inviting you to learn and express yourself was only one of the many things I loved about the Kabbalah lesson." (Sigalit E.)