IMG_1754.jpgDeborah Hecker is a proud Jewish woman, reveling in her heritage and dedicated to Zionism. She was a loving wife to her husband Bob, who recently passed away, and is a dedicated mother and loyal friend.   She is a committed advocate, having been a board member of the Canadian Mental Health Association and later the Assistant Executive Director of the Niagara South Branch. Her commitment to this organization resulted in many new programs being initiated and funded as she recognized the deficiencies in mental health services and galvanized and inspired supporters.   Deborah has triumphed over many health issues and is a brave17-year survivor of a heart transplant. 



aviva.pngAhava Spillman has taught psychology, literature, job preparation, public speaking, and technical writing. She has delivered babies, directed plays, and shown dogs. She’s been a camp director, a marathon runner, a dancer, and a gardener.

Presently, she is the director of Women’s Studies at Chabad on the Avenue, Toronto, Canada.

Recently “retired” from over 30 years of teaching Interpersonal Communication at Seneca College she has launched a new career as a Motivational Speaker entertaining Jewish and non Jewish audiences with experiences and life lessons infused with Torah values.

Ahava combines professionalism and humour to successfully inspire people and encourage honest communication.



noahs light (2).jpg
Noah Rossman-Kurland A"h, was a Brock Jewish student and local Niagara boy. Noah passed away just a week shy of his 22nd birthday in May of 2012. The pain of his passing also brought awareness to the need for education and promoting the values Noah was cherishing: Love and Acceptance. a stipend is awarded to Brock Students, who take the in-depth,  Thought Provoking Humanitarian course: Noah’s Light