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Noah's Light: 

Noah's Light invites students to engage in an open community of study & self-discovery that will help them to become passionate and caring Jewish members of our society. To ensure that students will be able to engage fully in the activities and course of study offered by Noah's Light, we offer a stipend which will be awarded upon successful completion of the course and fulfillment of all program requirements.

Because of the limited number of spaces available, we wish to ensure that those who are accepted into the program are able to make the most of the experience. The primary criteria for admission to the program are demonstration of interest in the offerings of the program and evidence of willingness to fulfill the requirements of membership.

After you apply, you will be interviewed by either Rabbi Zalman or Perla. If your application is accepted, you will be asked to attend an orientation session to introduce you to the program. 

All students are expected to attend each of the four 60 min classes that comprise the course.

In addition, as the course progresses, you will be expected to participate in at least two events:

  • * Green Shabbat

  • * The gala closing event in the week following the completion of the course. 

The Topic: 
The course will focus on happiness, relationship and acceptance with the aim on providing students with tools based on our rich heritage and Jewish wisdom to navigate through the world and make it a more accepting environment. 
Packed with real-life scenarios, Noah's Light challenges students to voice their opinion while providing practical Jewish wisdom to help them navigate skillfully through life's inevitable relationship and social challenges. This course will not only provide you with tools to make the right decisions, but it will also enhance your interaction with yourself, family, friends and society. 

The lesson titles will be updated soon. 

The Stipend:
Every student who completes the course and its requirements will receive a $150 honorarium upon completion.

Date & Time:
Mondays at 7.30 pm on Campus
Starting Feb 9th

How to Apply?
Jewish students currently studying at Brock University or Niagara College can apply for this course by filling up this form 

    • A student enrolled at Brock University or Niagara College for the upcoming year 
    • Due to the large amounts of students and limited funds, this award is specifically exclusive to the Jewish Students and limited to 10 participants.
    • Attend all 4 classes 
    • Complete an on-line survey
    • Attend Green Shabbat and Gala