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Coast Niagara: 1-800-263-4944 | 
Emergency: 911


Noah’s Line provides a listening ear, guidance and support for students and youth, with a target to Jewish students and youth at Brock University, Niagara College or in the Niagara community, experiencing:

     • Personal or academic difficulties,
     • Depression, 
     • Anxiety,
     • Suicidal thoughts, 
     • Addictions,
     • Any kind of personal or relationship crisis.

Noah’s Line is a crisis phone line where students can:
     • Call and find an accepting and loving ear on the other end of the phone.
     • Talk about their problems and concerns and they won’t ever be dismissed.
     • Be helped in making referrals to local agencies where the students can find professional care
        if they choose to access it, or require it.
     • Get education about mental health issues and promotes awareness through our website, and 
        educational events throughout the year.