“JLI has created an exciting and highly professional learning experience for women through the program Rivkah’s Tent. The program offers in-depth study of the special mitzvos that are the unique gifts of the Jewish woman. The interactive and thought provoking style of JLI will appeal to women of all different ages and backgrounds. Each topic of study has been thoroughly researched, well presented and designed to have a practical application for the modern Jewish woman.What more fitting memorial for Rebbetzin Rivkah Holtzberg HY"D, who gave her life in the service of her fellow Jews. May the merit of this learning lead to the time when there will peace for all mankind with the coming of Moshiach!”
- Yocheved Adelman, Amherst, MA


“Rivky Slonim’s lesson is a dream come true for anyone who takes serious Torah study for women seriously! The combination of texts and material is substantive and powerful; Rivky’s insightful presentation is masterful. What a gift this is to contemporary educators.”
- Vivi Deren, Stamford, CT


“It is gratifying to know that the beautiful role of the Jewish woman will be illuminated through this new-found society and that women will be encouraged to attend advanced Torah classes prepared by JLI. The unity and expression of Ahavat Yisroel that this brings in response to the Mumbai tragedy is truly powerful.”
- Rochelle Kaplan, Baltimore, MD


“I am happy to endorse JLI’s new program Rivkah’s Tent. This series of high quality learning for Jewish women is a fitting tribute to Rivkah Holtzberg since it will unite women around the world with Torah learning, especially Torah learning that is relevant and timely for Jewish women. I am confident that Rivkah’s Tent will be well received in my community and worldwide.”
- Esther Kosofsky, Longmeadow, MA


“Shluchos worldwide will benefit immeasurably from these innovative and intellectually stimulating lessons. Specifically geared to women’s topics which would otherwise be overwhelming to prepare on one’s own, Rivkah’s Tent will save the busy shlucha hours of research and lesson organizing and at the same time, will unite us all through Torah. What a fitting way to honor the memory Rivkah Holtzberg A"H, who was devoted to spreading Torah in the farthest of places.”
- Chana Posner, Boston, MA


“The program Rivkah’s Tent provides a wonderful opportunity for women to learn Torah in-depth in an ongoing, engaging fashion. The rich curriculum also provides a vehicle by which women can connect to Torah and to eachother, propelling growth and leading to greater observance.”
- Michla Schanowitz, Highland Park, IL


“Rivkah’s Tent meets a great need in Jewish academia. Although designed to engage Jewish women, there is depth and breadth and scope enough to engage both men and women; the classes to date have been of the highest academic calibre, providing a wealth of information, well grounded in traditional sources. All of this, and with heart as well. I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to Rivkah Holtzberg; that to which she devoted her life to be continued with each woman’s participation in Torah learning.”
- Bronya Shaffer, Crown Heights.


“I am grateful to JLI for giving us a way to turn tears into action in memorializing our sister Shlucha, Rivkah Holtzberg, through the powerful tool of Limud Hatorah. The Rivkah’s Tent project provides us with quality shiurim written to both challenge the mind and stimulate the emotions of the participants. What better way can there be for us to unite the Jewish women of the world and effect a Kesher shel Kayama with the women in our community? I am confident that this project will bear abundant and succulent fruit.”
- Rivkah Slonim, Binghamton, NY


“How exciting! A scintillating course for the seasoned JLI’er or a student new to the challenge of mature Torah study.
Expertly layed out in an easy-to-follow fashion for the instructor... what a gift!”
- Chaya Teldon, Commack, NY