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5775 (2014-2015)
Romantics of all ages have waxed poetic on the notion of “soulmates,” seeking to grasp what makes love and passion so potent, what drives the inexplicable magnetism between two people, and what makes true love last. Yet millennia of Jewish text & tradition are rich with insights on this very topic, from the mystical and spiritual to the no-nonsense and practical. Whether you are currently married, considering someday tying the knot, or simply seek to better understand the spiritual root of love and marriage, Soulmates is a seven-session course drawing on timeless Jewish wisdom that will forever change how you think about the important relationship in your life, in all its beauty & complexity
5772 (2011-2012)
Starting in the twentieth century, women have worked their way into leadership roles, demonstrating superior abilities across the board. Girls and women now surpass their male counterparts in every area of academic achievement across all age groups and in all subjects, and most recently in the workplace, in the political arena, and of course in social and family life.

The purpose of this course is to identify the unique strengths that account for this success.,
Our goal is for each woman to walk away with a strong sense of self-awareness, empowered to be all the woman she can be.”
5771 (2010-2011)
In this new course, "Heroines of the Bible: Her Story - My Story", we will explore the struggles and challenges, the celebration and redemption, of six key personalities who are central figures in the history of the Jewish people. By tapping into their stories, empowered by their uniquely feminine qualities, we can attain personal fulfillment and success within our very own stories.
5770 (2009-2010)
The three miracles of Sarah’s Tent ceased upon her passing. They returned when Rivkah built her home. The miracles correspond to the three mitzvos given especially to women. It is our mandate, through the observing and beautifying these mitzvos, to bring light, peace and blessing into our homes. This year, we will delve into these mitzvos through a monthly series of textually based shiurim in memory of Rivkah Holtzberg.